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Customer Satisfaction

What Our Clients Say About Us

We pay attention to details and quality, good communication and strong customer relationship. Here is what they say about us.

"“Chad Garland is the only CPA I will ever use for my home and for my business. His expertise goes far beyond what other CPA firms offer. His honesty and integrity give me peace of mind, because he cares about my business as much as I do. I've known and worked with Chad for 20 years. I'll never go anywhere else.``"

Terri S. 2/8/2017

"``Mr. Garland and his entire staff are courteous and professional. They work hard to make sure you are satisfied with their service to keep you coming back. And he knows the laws and gets the work done smoothly and timely.``"

Wanda B. 2/9/2017

"“Chad and his firm have done an amazing job helping me with my tax problems. Having problems with IRS was beyond anything I have ever dealt with and it was very confusing. Chad made the experience as painless as possible by easily communicating what had to be done and when, with very impressive results. With his guidance I was able to set up a payment plan with the IRS to fit my needs. He also took the time to show me how to make sure my future returns are done correctly. Any time I have a question he and his staff are quick to respond. I also cannot say enough good things about the value of the amount of services I received compared to other firms that I consulted with, who wanted to charge much more and provide much less. Highly recommend and will definitely use again!”"

Robin S. 2/4/2017

"“Very satisfied! Would come back time and time again. Being a freelance contract designer, it's really nice to have someone sort out your finances and file your taxes for you. At the end I got a full professional tax report and didn't feel like anything was left out. Mr. Chad Garland made sure I got the most amount of deductions possible so that I only had to pay the lowest amount.”"

Sasha S. 2/1/2017

"“Chad Garland is the most professional CPA that helped me to get my taxes in order ! I would recommend this business to anyone that is looking for a great customer service and professionalism !!”"

Tatiana S. 2/1/2017